Project Results

The main objective of the project is to develop a sustainable ecosystem of inclusive entrepreneurship for young people with intellectual disabilities.

The most important result achieved in the first phase of the project was to enable users to be “equal” partners in the planning and development of the training programme, thus improving the self-determination of young people with disabilities. From the first meeting, all activities were planned in a co-productive way, through facilitated reading materials, for a real involvement of young people with disabilities.

Each of the activities developed was focused on providing a clear picture where young people with disabilities can be a concrete tool for the development of their community. Personal engagement becomes a possibility for greater inclusion and a protagonist for the development of one’s own community.

We used a specific methodology that, through a co-productive process, gave precise indications on the topic of self-entrepreneurship of young people with disabilities, but also on targeted strategies for the enhancement of the work of people with disabilities, which can be borrowed at European level.

The testing and implementation of this methodology was the subject of the second year of project development. In fact, the second part of the project focused on the development of a concrete output, i.e. a training programme on disability and entrepreneurship. The work plan was as follows

  • Elaboration of a shared working method
  • Elaboration of the modules of the training programme
  • Elaboration of the final training programme
  • Testing of the model and collection of feedback to improve the final version.

Throughout the project, particular attention was given to the objective of promoting activities that reinforce the values of equity, diversity and social inclusion in the training/learning environment.

The IncludNet training program has been co-designed by professional experts within the EU project IncludNet. Its main educational objective is to foster self-determination, self-consciousness and self-entrepreneurship for people with intellectual disability.

Training processes and tools has been adapted for people with disability, i.e. they are easy-to-understand, simplified and easy-to-read.

The modules are designed to be used directly with users. Within each module you can find explanatory notes for trainers in the “Notes” section. The duration of each module is approximately 2 hours.

The contents are as follows:

  • Module 1: Discover your potential. The aim of the module is to identify one’s talents, passions, desires, in order to conceive a possible entrepreneurial/work idea: download
  • Module 2: Context analysis. The aim of the module is to acquire tools for the analysis of the external and internal environment of a company: download
  • Module 3: Feasibility. The aim of this module is to analyse the feasibility of an entrepreneurial project, using the business model canvas tool: download
  • Module 4: Resources. The aim of this module is the analysis of the resources needed – tangible and intangible – to start a business project:  download