FENACERCI Focus Groups

FENACERCI organised co-productive focus groups throughout the months of September and November involving People with intellectual disability from its network, Professionals and front line staff, as well as experts from public entities, private sector, academic area.  All the groups involved recognised the positivity of the idea and of the approach under different angles.

The FGs started with a thinking team focused on entrepreneurship as a realistic choice and an entrance to the labour market.  Participants agreed on the possibility of entrepreneurship as a getaway to the labour market, in particular because it means empowerment, autonomy, independence, knowledge, responsibility and individual growth.  The team came up with some ideas:

  • Music – to be a singer”
  • “Biological agriculture”
  • “Work in scrap heap”
  • “Binding workshop”
  • “Restoration and conservation of furniture/ household appliances”

They also identified potential obstacles in

  • “Prejudice”
  • “Not knowing how to start”
  • “Lack of information about how to create my own business”
  • “Overprotecting attitudes”
  • “Lack of opportunities”

During the FG, FENACERCI discussed also the possible role of supporting organisations, recognising for them a role in term of identifying passions and dreams, access to information, support and guidance, tackle bureaucracy, support in case of failing (which brings some learning as well).

In this context, the expert involved recognised the innovativeness of the approach and suggested to create a network of mentors dedicated to inclusive entrepreneurship, and to organise decentralised workshops to get closer to reality. They also proposed to create a pilot project focused in the idea of Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Portugal

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