Co-productive Focus Groups

Introduction – The main objective of the IN-CUBA Project is to develop a methodology based on co-production for the incubation of project and ideas and their development into an enterprise. It is important to bear in mind that, in the context of the IN-CUBA project, the concept of enterprise has a broad interpretation, referring to […]

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DeLork Focus Groups

In Belgium the IN-CUBA project Focus Groups experience started with an information meeting. Every person with an intellectual disability  interested in becoming his/her own boss was welcome. Twelve users came to the meeting and learned about entrepreneurship via dedicated video’s and exercises. They were encouraged to tell and explain their entrepreneurial ideas. Afterwards a “jury […]

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OpenGroup & CADIAI Focus Groups

In April 2019, Open Group and Cadiai met to join efforts and organise together a co-productive focus group.  They started from the concept of coproduction by showing the video recorded during the ENABLE They then presented the new IN-CUBA project, its objective and approach, showing a video that explains the concept of entrepreneurship in a […]

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