DeLork Focus Groups

In Belgium the IN-CUBA project Focus Groups experience started with an information meeting. Every person with an intellectual disability  interested in becoming his/her own boss was welcome.

Twelve users came to the meeting and learned about entrepreneurship via dedicated video’s and exercises. They were encouraged to tell and explain their entrepreneurial ideas. Afterwards a “jury moment” was organised where the users could come and pitch their ideas. The jury had various criteria and in the end they choose the project of Dirk and Michael.

The following step was to structure a focus-group  as an Incubator for the project of Dirk and Michael. Other users that also pitched an idea where asked to join the focusgroup. A few educators from different divisions of the organisation joined as well, together with the cook, a volunteer and some family members. In total the focus-group consists of a dozen of people. It was decided to meet every 6 weeks.  In the focus-group we focus on what we like about the project of Dirk and Michael, what are potential risks and what are the questions that need to be answered.

Afterwards the focus moved on making clear what are the services the project of Dirk and Michael will provide. The group organised creative exercises to find a good name and logo for the project.

Everybody feel very committed, and they all look forward to continuing this work and, step by step, get closer to the entreprise from Dirk and Michael!


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