AMPANS Focus Group

AMPANS organised co-productive focus groups throughout the months of July, September, and October.

It started with inputs from local experts and incubators, with the aiming to   collaborate with community entrepreneurship services:

  • CEDEM is the Center for Business Development and is a municipal facility that offers services and resources aimed at companies and people
  • The City Council of Manresa has as its main function the services in the municipalities for entrepreneurs, professionals, entrepreneurs or freelancers, who make an entrepreneurial company.
  • The OAE is the Office of Economic Activity of accompaniment so that they can carry out the formalities of opening of new businesses
  • The University Manresa Entrepreneurship Service supports some people to turn their business ideas into viable business projects.

In July AMPANS created a focus group involving:

  • People with intellectual disabilities and their families
  • Professionals
  • Voluntaries
  • Community (neighbours association)
  • Artists

Their intention was to develop an organisation or company focused on art (editorial,…). The Focus groups were articulated in several sessions:

  • Explain the project and the co-productive approach it follows;
  • Through workshops, dynamics, games, debates, active and experiential learning, they discussed key words such enterprise, entrepreneurship, incubator, …)
  • Make the point on the Focus-Gruoup: discussion around what the participants learned;
  • Adaption: Easy read Social Business Model Canvas

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