All the partners are active Members of ARFIE. ARFIE is an European Union umbrella organization working on Training and Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Europe.


      • The APEMH Foundation is based and operating in Luxembourg. The principal aim of the association is to improve the quality of life of their people with disabilities and to ensure their social and vocational inclusion.
      • De Lork VZW is based in Brussels. De Lork supports users with intellectual disability in living, work and leisure time.
      • CADIAI is based Bologna in Italy. CADIAI provides residential, educational services for users with disability.
      • Lebenshilfe Österreich is working in advocacy for the citizens’ rights of people with intellectual disabilities. The members of Lebenshilfe Österreich are 8 county based regional organisations
      • AMPANS is based In Catalunia. A group of parents concerned about education and integration of children with
        disabilities has founded AMPANS in 1965. AMPANS provides Educational, residential, employment services for persons with disabilities.
      • OPEN GROUP operates in Bologna– Italy. Open Group has services to support education and rehabilitation of disabled people, immigrants and people addicted to substances. Open Group has a communications sector that manages a radio, websites and information campaigns.
      • ARFIE is an EU Umbrella organization with Members from 18 EU countries and has more than 25 years close collaboration between service providers and training centers in the disability field in EU.